We offer the adhesive to fit your demands, whether you’re adding a welcoming atmosphere to your home, tiling your swimming pool, or giving your office that executive flair. We investigate the tile adhesive industry’s ongoing innovation. We understand the ever-changing needs, trends, and forms for wall and floor tiles, and we develop precisely what you can show off for years.

We are one of the leading adhesive floor tiles manufacturers because we offer a wide choice of tile adhesive products to pick from. Standard, elite, premium, white, flex, and super flex tile adhesives are available in our Tile Adhesive line.

We always recommend using adhesive instead of regular cement. Here are a few reasons why tile adhesives are a superior choice.

It is mighty:

When used to keep bricks together, cement is quite strong, but it fails miserably when used to lay tiles. After a few years, tiles grow loose and, in some circumstances, fall out. However, using Tile Adhesive is never an issue. It can keep the tiles in place for decades. This makes it particularly suitable as a wall tile adhesive for the installation of wall tiles.

It is possible to lay it down evenly:

Cement particles are relatively large, making it challenging to spread uniformly. As a result, a hollow gap is frequently left under a self-adhesive tile, resulting in an odd sound when you tread on it. However, the sound isn’t the only issue. If heavy furniture or whatever else is placed on the tile, it can easily break due to the hollow gap.

It is not highly costly:

Some people still use cement because they believe self-adhesives will be much more expensive. However, this is not the case. The difference in the overall installation cost between cement and Tile Adhesive in a standard-sized home is only a few thousand.

It is simple to use:

A cement mixture for tile installation necessitates several different ingredients, all of which must be mixed in the exact proportions. It is not simple and requires a significant amount of time. Tile Adhesive, on the other hand, is designed specifically for this purpose and arrives fully prepared.



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