Latex Admixture

    Latex Admixtures are introduced into the concrete batch right before or during the mixing process. Concrete admixtures can increase concrete quality, manageability, speed up or slow down the setting time, and various other attributes that can be tweaked to achieve specific outcomes. Many, if not all, concrete mixes now contain one or more concrete admixtures that can help you save money while enhancing productivity throughout the pouring process. The price of these admixtures is determined by the quantity and type of admixture utilized. All of this will be factored into the concrete cost per cubic yard/meter.

    The advantages of using a Latex Admixture waterproofing solution are as follows:

    Our engineer does all waterproofing systems on the exterior of your property to keep the concrete block walls dry and water directed away from the structure. Wet concrete blocks and mortar decompose over time, causing foundation failure. Our skilled exterior waterproofing system will help to prevent this failure and subsequent damage to your home.

    Do you repair a roof leak from the inside or the outside of your house? The wood would degrade and rot if you didn’t mend it from the outside. A concrete foundation is in the same boat.

    The term damp-proofing refers to the old-fashioned method of sealing walls with tar. Building code-compliant tar or damp proofing degrades 2 to 4 years from an underground (or sub-grade) concrete wall. Because the acids in our rainwater and soil dissolve the solvents in the tar, it becomes brittle, cracks, and dissolves from the wall. It then leaves grey soot in its wake that serves no purpose. By the way, the builder has just enough time to complete their “one-year warranty” on the new home building.

    Latex admixtures that reduce shrinkage are mixed in during the first mixing process. Early and long-term drying shrinkage could be reduced with this form of additive. Shrinkage reduction admixtures can be utilized when shrinkage cracking could cause durability issues or where a large number of shrinkage joints is undesired due to cost or technical constraints. In some circumstances, shrinkage-reducing admixtures can impair strength development at both young and old ages.



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