Epoxy Primer

    The cornerstone of your floor coating system is an epoxy floor primer. Your epoxy system will not operate as effectively without it, regardless of the type of epoxy you choose. Epoxy primers are the foundation upon which various base coats and topcoats will be applied. Because they are thin, they are usually a little more forgiving and allow for more coverage. We highly recommend applying an epoxy primer on all concrete surfaces unless you are using a single coat epoxy/primer system to obtain optimal durability, strength, and bondage, which will extend the life of your floor.

    Benefits of using our epoxy floor primer:

    There are various advantages to using an epoxy floor primer before putting a coating to your flooring:

    • Epoxy primers are thin, allowing for improved adherence because they penetrate into the concrete substrate.
    • When applying thicker epoxy base coatings, primers create a better chemical bond. As a result, the concrete floor coating will last longer and be more robust.
    • Removal of air bubbles and pinholes that arise as a result of concrete outgassing
    • Because it does not seep into the concrete, it may produce a higher dry film thickness and coating uniformity.
    • Provides adequate moisture protection for concrete floors with moisture issues.
    • For concrete floors without an efficient concrete epoxy primer, it creates a solid waterproof barrier, preventing paint from lifting and flaking off the surface.

    We use epoxy floor primer in the following ways:

    First, prepare the surface for our Epoxy Primer, follow these steps:

    • Remove dust particles from the painting surface with a clean broom.
    • Clean the surface well with turpentine and let it dry.
    • Sand the surface using sandpaper to rough it
    • You remove loose rust; make sure to utilize power tools.
    • Wipe with turpentine once more for a smoother finish.
    • A single coat of Epoxy Primer should be applied to the surface
    • Allow it to air-dry overnight.
    • The next day, apply another layer of Epoxy Primer and wait for it to dry.
    • Apply our epoxy floor primer over it for a shinier and smoother finish.


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