Epoxy Screed

    Epoxy Screed

    Screeding is the process of leveling and smoothing the top layer of a poured material, such as high solid epoxy. It is the same height as the forms, or guides, around it. This is typically used to level out an uneven surface. When applied to a concrete surface, it creates a high-strength epoxy floor screed that can endure tremendous loads, wear, and chemicals. Screeding is commonly used on floors if time is limited and cement repair is not an option. However, unlike cement, it has the disadvantage of not being done on a wet surface. As a result, the surface must be arid before applying it for the best results.


    Why should you use us for epoxy screed?

    We are:

    • World-class epoxy Screeding manufacturers.
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    We provide state-of-the-art floor restoration systems to some of the most prestigious industries. Our epoxy screed flooring is available in various chemical compositions to meet the needs of our clients. After application, the coating will not emit any odor. With our Screeding coatings, you won’t have to worry about the costs of late repairs, which may be highly costly. We assist our customers in making the perfect selection of epoxy screeding, which is an essential step in determining the correct solution.


    Application of Screed:

    Using a slow-speed mixer, thoroughly mix the resin part A until a uniform hue is achieved. Then add part B of the curing ingredient and mix again with the mixer. Then, using a mixer, combine the filler parC with the rest of the ingredients until a homogeneous, lump-free mass is obtained.


    Then, uniformly distribute the combined mortar. Temp down with a beam laid across steel screeding rails of a certain height to get the necessary thickness, then smooth with a steel trowel.


    Storage: Keep all of the components, including the resin, hardener, and filler, in a cold, dry place and covered shed.


    Live healthy life: When using Epoxy resin floor screed and any of our other products, it is recommended that you wear protective clothing. If you touch your eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical advice.



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