Shawar 2C Water Proof

    Waterproofing Solution

    Waterproofing is a method of making a structure water-resistant or waterproof to not be harmed by water. Waterproofing technologies for roofs, exteriors, and interiors keep residential spaces dry by preventing water from penetrating. It is one of the most crucial activities that many homeowners overlook. It is an essential topic of worry that is frequently misunderstood as an inconvenient and unneeded expense.

    Waterproofing is very useful since it: 

    • Wall waterproofing solutions from water damage
    • Prevents the formation of a variety of health issues, including mold allergies.
    • Preserves the house’s structural integrity.
    • Reduces other allied repair expenditures and extends the life of the structure
    • Assists in increasing the resale value of your home

    Terrace waterproofing consists of the following steps:

    • A waterproofing membrane is the most delicate technique to waterproof a flat terrace. This is a continuous thin coating of waterproof material that prevents water from entering the building.
    • The structural slab is covered with a membrane.
    • A filler substance is put on top of the membrane. The filler material is required to give the terrace a sloped finish. This incline leads to the drainage outlets.

    Our waterproofing solution for outside walls is as follows:

    Home exteriors, such as sidewalls, are constantly exposed to various challenges, including natural disasters like solid winds, harmful UV rays from the sun, and heavy rainfall. Leaky drainage pipes, leaks from water tanks, and natural water present beneath are essential variables that can cause damage to a home’s façade. Best waterproofing for terraces on exterior walls is frequently caused by inadequate waterproofing procedures such as wrong installation methods, inappropriate material selection, generic waterproofing chemicals, and inaccurate installation methodologies.

    Our effective concrete leakage solutions guard your property against both active and passive water leaks. A roof/flat surface terrace can be waterproofed in a variety of ways. Bricks and mortar are used in traditional methods like the brickbat-coba to create a slope that directs all water away from the roof. The Bituminous treatment involves applying a thin layer of bitumen (asphalt) to the roof surface. To aid the process, both solutions include adding a generic waterproofing chemical to the mixtures.



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